As ‘wealth management advisors’ for CMO’s and their marketing investments, mktg.ai helps organizations synchronize strategy, technology, media and creative for measurable return on investment.

We place greater intelligence on navigating today’s rapidly evolving marketing and technology landscape by ensuring ‘Art’ is always part of the equation. In other words, we are creatively obsessed, data driven and results oriented.


Data and the underlying technology is the life-blood of today’s marketing. Understanding how data and intelligence informs KPIs for all aspects of marketing is the foundation for success


Creativity and the associated conversations that go on around a brand are critical qualitative measures. With our experience in social, search and brand research, we are better able to act and react as attitudes and market conditions shift


With a deep understanding of brand strategy and broad range of partnerships with the worlds most advanced creative development platforms for advertising, articles and video development, we establish a better, more efficient creative model



The marketing and advertising business is a disparate set of service providers ranging from media and creative agencies to web design, content, mobile, social, search, experiential design, data, analytics and the list continues. This leads to “verticalization” and a pervasive lack of coordination in design, message and measurement


CMOs have the challenge of investing budgets to drive return. However, they are often challenged by a lack of resident knowledge, resource constraints, competing interests between their agency partners and consulting firms and a team that often times does not understand how one piece of marketing intersects with the other


Connecting with audiences is accomplished by turning the visual into the visceral. Employees, clients and prospects comprise primary segments, yet communications developed to connect with these audiences rarely are aligned in design and message and often times quantified through soft metrics if measured at all


As marketing, media and technology executives who were borne digital, we have spent our careers within global agencies, brands, startups and consulting organizations. We realized in order to truly impact a business, we needed to sit between the CMO and the companies that service the brand to take a holistic, objective approach


mktg.ai is a company comprised of leaders from the fields of marketing, media, advertising, branding and technology who innately understand how each piece of communications in a company’s marketing effort fits together to drive successful business outcomes.

mktg.ai works with clients to define the starting point to grow their brand and business and then leverages technology to measure, tune and ultimately automate optimization and performance.



Our team has built or fostered some of the most iconic businesses in brands across multiple sectors.

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